It was a mixed bag of surf and results for round one of the Rip Curl E-Pro. There were some big East Coast barrels dominating, and both Dan Redman and Mike Frew’s efforts might see them in consideration for the Red Bull Best Tube Award.

First and Second placed surfers go through to Round 3.

Third-placed surfers go through to Round 2 repechage round.

Fourth-placed surfers are unfortunately eliminated from the event.

Round 2 will be surfed off tomorrow.

Round One Results:

Heat One

  1. Chad Du Toit
  2. Matt Davis
  3. Dan Emslie
  4. Nate Plomaritis

Heat Two

  1. Dan Redman
  2. Matt Bromley
  3. Tom Lindhorst
  4. Cody Coetsee

Heat Three

  1. Koby Oberholzer
  2. Max Elkington
  3. Ari Kraak
  4. Ollie Boucher

Heat Four

  1. Mitch Du Preez
  2. Jordy Maree
  3. Luke Thompson
  4. Warwick Heny

Heat Five

  1. Steven Sawyer
  2. Brad Scott
  3. Josh Redman
  4. Dan Thornton

Heat Six

  1. Mike Frew
  2. Dylan Lightfoot
  3. Manoa Robb
  4. Surprize Maphumulo

Heat Seven

  1. Gavin Roberts
  2. Mikey Venter
  3. Joshe Faulkner
  4. Duncan Boucher

Heat Eight

  1. Shane Sykes
  2. Karl Steen
  3. Billy Payne
  4. Miles Boucher

Heat Nine

  1. Brandon Jackson
  2. Aya Gericke
  3. Luke Slijpen
  4. Scott Venter

Heat Ten

  1. Casey Grant
  2. Ethan Fletcher
  3. Luke Van Wyk
  4. Bryce Du Preez

Heat Eleven

  1. Dale Staples
  2. Luke Malherbe
  3. Eli Beukes

Heat Twelve

  1. Davey Van Zyl
  2. Don Zoetmulder
  3. Simo Mkhize

Round Two Repechage heats will be posted on @surfopenleague Instagram account, or find it on the Facebook Page